We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about NewLook Realty Company in our testimonials.

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David White

Reasonable Up Front Price!

“Jeff at New Look Realty took all the pain out of the sale of our house.  He offered a reasonable price up front, with no realtor or escrow fees, and repeatedly told us we didn’t need to do any more work on the house to get it ready for sale.  Not only did we not have to stage the house for picky buyers, we didn’t have to make the deductions that buyers usually want weeks later when inspection results come in.  Thanks Jeff, thanks New Look Realty!”

- David White

Sacramento, CA

” Jeff helped my family and I buy a home on 65th st in Sacramento, he made sure that our family was handled with care. He was there every step of the way, if we had questions or concerns he was always a phone call away. He did everything in a timely fashion with dignity and integrity.  He has helped 13 other family members over the last 10 years buy homes in Sacramento.”


- Mohammed Hussain, 65th st, Sacramento, CA. 95826

6600 Shamus Court, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

“We had become the Power of Attorney for our friend who owned a home at 6600 Shamus ct, Citrus Heights, CA 95621. Our friend, Bernie, who owned the home was entering hospice, and the mobile home park HOA was threatening to hold an auction to take the home.  We couldn’t get any response from the HOA to get more time for Bernie to gather funds to pay off the HOA lien, and we had ten days until the foreclosure auction.  After searching the internet for an investor, we spoke to three investors who all sounded terrible.  Then we found Jeff at NewLook Realty, and he actually cared about our situation.  He spoke to the HOA on our behalf, he was able to pay the HOA the money they wanted, get the contracts signed and into escrow, and close the sale.  He really helped Bernie and us through a stressful time, and he made it easy on all of us.  I can’t say enough about his ability to care about his client’s needs.  Working with Jeff is like working with a long time friend, he makes you feel at ease every step of the way.”

- Marilyn and Dennis Collins, Citrus Heights, CA. 95621

“Jeff and Lisa helped me find my first home, we looked at so many; and they even helped me to get a loan. I love my house, they were great.”

- R. Lambert, Elk Grove

Jeff helped my family and I find a house. He showed us homes all over south Sacramento, he helped us estimate the cost to complete the repairs, and he rehabbed the house for us. He did a great job.

- Mir Afzal, Sacramento, CA

“He get the job done”

I have worked as Jeff’s lender for several years.  He is the consummate professional, puts his clients first and always takes a team approach to real estate transactions.  I highly recommend him for your real estate needs.


- Brad L’Engle, Esq. Senior Mortgage Consultant

Jeff helped me sell a rental home that needed a lot of work. It wasn’t eligible for a loan because it needed so much work. He found a buyer and arranged a seller carryback note, and the sale closed.

- Z. Hyder, Sacramento, CA

“Jeff helped us find our first home. He showed us homes for four months, and never complained when we kept asking to see more, he probably showed us 60 houses. He even helped us get a loan.”

- Amjad Ali, Sacramento

“Jeff has long been a mentor to new investors”

Jeff Johnson has been a great client and ambassador to Foreclosures.com since 2000. He has invested in our Mastering Foreclosures home study course and updates throughout the years, attended my hands-on lab, participated in our personal coaching as well as our professional investor labs and mastermind programs. Jeff has graciously recommended our programs to new investors privately and publically on our webinars, when he participated as a investor panelist. He has been a great example for our new clients on what it takes to be successful in the foreclosure business, whether it be investing, brokering or rehabbing houses. We are very fortunate to have Jeff in our close circle of successful clients and looking forward to working with Jeff many more years to come.

- Alexis McGee, President, Investor, Educator, Author, Foreclosures.com


“He really worked hard to help us”


Jeff worked with us for a long time to try to buy a house, but in the super heated market, we just couldn’t find anything that I liked enough to buy as the inventory of available house was low. However, he stuck with us during our search, and was always upbeat and ready to meet us whenever we found a home to look at.  His enthusiasm never waned, and we really appreciated his patience and knowledge of the zip codes we were looking in.

- K. Golightly, home buyer